The Art and the Artist

Trish Biddle,  a native of Minnesota, has published over 40 works that are in corporate and private collections throughout the world.

“Art Deco”, derived from the “International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Art” in Paris in 1925, is the inspiration for Trish’s work. It is somewhat surprising that the catalyst for her leaving the world of fashion and textile design to explore fine art as a career was a set from old black and white photographs left to her by her grandmother, while her interest in the subject of Thoroughbred racing was aroused by similar black and white shots of historical Churchill Downs. Only the “mind’s eye” of a talented and unique artist could conceive the transition from those old photos to the vibrant color, decorative impact, and elegant style seen in all of Trish’s work.

In 2003 Trish created two paintings based on the vintage Churchill Downs photos: “Down the Wire” and “Photo Finish”, which in time became best sellers through her publisher. They personify the aura of romance which surrounds all major race events internationally. The Kentucky Derby is more than a Thoroughbred race: it is an American institution, commanding the attention of worldwide media and the attendance of fashionable society. As Trish observes, “It is as much about the people as it is about the horses.”

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