Horseplayer Interactive

By Adam Hickman

One of the most significant enhancements to Woodbine Entertainment’s horse racing product was the creation of HorsePlayer Interactive (HPI).

The account wagering vehicle of the operation, HPI allows bettors to deposit money into their accounts and place bets without having to be physically present at Woodbine, Mohawk, or a Champions Teletheatre.

In the past, geographic barriers or otherwise, may have prevented a bettor from participating in one race or an entire card. HPI account holders are armed with the technology to bet when they want, where they want, without having to wait in a line.

Players can create bets over the phone, employing a user-friendly, step-by-step system, or over the Internet, where they can see their ticket being formed as they build it.

A player can also use his or her HPI account while experiencing the thrill of live racing. Using an account card, which has recently been upgraded with the latest ‘touch and go’ technology, a player can step up to a teller or a self-serve terminal.

When it comes to finding out whether they made a successful wager, HPI members have several viewing options.

If wagering from home or work, HPI members with digital cable or satellite have access to HPItv, Canada’s 24-hour horse racing specialty channel.

HPItv covers up to five different racetracks at one time, providing analysis, post parade, live and tape-delayed race coverage. Up-to-the-minute changes, recent results and breaking information flash at the bottom of the screen.

Depending on the track, customers with Internet access can also watch live video streams and cheer on their selections as they race across their computer monitor.

Not too long ago, there were few opportunities to see a race if you missed it the first time. HPItv has changed that scenario.

Earlier this year, HPItv reorganized its ‘after hours’ programming schedule. Each racetrack covered by HPItv is allocated its own overnight time slot, in which each race on its program is aired consecutively in its own mini replay show.

 Similarly, customers with Internet at their avail have access to an expansive video replay library. Minutes after the race is official, a player can view a replay of a race. The most visual handicappers at Woodbine will return to the site for a second or third look at a race in search of information that may prove lucrative the next time a horse hits the track.


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